Vows of Iron

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  • Vows of Iron is a game that embodies the central theme of a medieval battle, the melee. Often melees will last several turns with much ebb and flow. Officers could throw themselves into a melee, and along with their personal retinues or household troops, could often swing the outcome of the battle.
  • Vows of Iron keeps all players involved with opposed dice rolls while providing multiple choices to make during their turn.
  • Modifiers and charts are kept to a minimum by using 6 sided dice of different colors which have varying number combinations on them. Players are directed to the proper dice color to throw in lieu of adding or subtracting modifiers. The modifiers are built into the dice value, therefore the number you throw on the dice is the number you use. This helps keep the game moving at a fast pace. Even large games can usually be completed in 2.5 to 3 hours.
  • Each army is assigned an army break point number. In Vows of Iron, not all unit losses are equal in points. A unit of knights is more valuable to your kingdom than a unit of peasant archers; if the knights are lost it should mean more to the army’s morale and fighting ability. Having one’s camp sacked is also something that affects an army’s morale and the death of an important officer can cause demoralization throughout the army. As an army suffers losses, the army break point number decreases. The game ends when one army reaches zero.

Dice only (12 dice):  $15.00 plus shipping



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