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We have sold several copies of our new rules.  Please feel free to comment here.

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  1. RampantLion says:

    Thanks for your comments Coopman. It’s funny that you should mention the colorblind thing, my two most active play testers are both colorblind! I worked with them on finding colors that they could both easily distinguish and identify. These guys are two of my best friends and would have ripped into me if they were unable to see the differences! Enjoy the rules and looking forward to hearing how they play for you. Thanks again for your order!


  2. George says:

    I got the rules as well, I read them last night. I’m looking forward to trying these out. I like the disorder failure while disordered rules where you loss 2 more points. Makes a game of Agincourt perhaps actually work wit the massed of French Knights tramping over a muddy field out of control to get to the English and getting crammed together to be repulsed by the English and squeeze again into disorder to lose 2 more points.

    Kind of surprised though that no HYW lists are provided. One can easily make one from the feudal and HYW lists however it would have simply been the addition of 1 more page.

    • RampantLion says:

      Hi George, thanks for the comments. My thinking in the army lists was to give a sample of early, middle and late lists for people to understand my interpretation of different units in different eras. Also, I have included everything that you should need to create 100 years wars lists to your interpretation. I do have army lists in the works which I will provide on the site as I develop them and would love to see your lists/ideas.

      Thanks again for your purchase and let me know how the games go.


  3. George says:

    Sounds great.

  4. RampantLion says:

    Clay, that’s great! Glad to hear that you are enjoying them so far. Yes, lesser troops can win a melee, but generally, in the long run the better unit usually wins (as I think it should be), but not always. Sometimes a unit can get disordered and just keep losing rounds of melee until it gets critical. As for archery, the later armies have archery with a little more punch than the earlier medieval lists. Please keep me posted as you play more games, I love getting battle reports.


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