Rampant Lion Games is excited to announce the release of “Vows of Iron”. “Vows of Iron” is a set of miniature wargaming rules covering the middle ages. The rules are for large medieval battles. They focus on the melee, which is the heart of a battle in the middle ages. The rules are structured so that many of the melees often last several turns with much ebb and flow.


“Vows of Iron” is a very flexible gaming system which can be used with any basing style and various game sizes.


Included with the rules:
• 12 special D6 dice which are used for all rolls in the game. The 12 dice are enough for two opposing players to play the game.
• 8 Command cards which are used for movement
• Several early, mid and late medieval sample army lists are included
• Generic troop type list is also included for tailoring your own armies to your collection
• A sample scenario (The Battle of Bouvines 1214) is also included, featuring troop disposition map and army lists for the battle.
• 28 mm and 15 mm player aid sheets
• A fast play variant for games with fewer miniatures
• 68 pages – some in color
• Double loop wire bound with soft cover
• Visit www.rampantlion.org for more information and ordering
• $34.95 US dollars
• Written by Allen Campbell


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